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About Arkansas Lotre


Arkansas Lotre committed to giving players the best life experience by offering exciting prizes, excellent customer care and maintaining the highest level of integrity.

Business Opportunities

We provide opportunities to do business in support of the Arkansas Lotre. Learn more about current procurement opportunities and links to forms you’ll need to apply with our customer service.

Lottery Rules
  1. Purchase Online - Players can purchase number from our retailers from their websites.
  2. Drawing Result - Official result numbers are only available from this site.
  3. Claim Winning - Winners can claim their winning prize from retailer where they buy the number.
  4. Player Account - Every players must create account on our retailer to play.
  5. Online Retailer - We only have online retailer at this time.
  6. Prize Amount - Amount of the prize is depend on retailers ability to give.
  7. Prize Category - Prize is categorize by the game you play.

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